Desserts Around the World

My Top Favorite Five Desserts Around the World:

5.  Daintree Ice Cream Company‘s three flavors of the day – Cape Tribulation, Australia.  Homemade ice cream with funky Aussie rainforest flavors like jackfruit or soursop mixed in with mango or passionfruit.  It changes every day, so you have to stop by multiple times (or at least I did!).

4.  Perche no!‘s All Natural Gelato – Florence, Italy.  All your favorite things about gelato, but this stuff is real!  No artificial coloring or flavors.  You can tell by how brightly colored the pistachio ice cream is.  The dimmer the green, the more natural it is.  So legit.  So good.

3.  Mary’s Mountain Cookies Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich – Fort Collins, CO.  Yes, that’s homemade cookies combined with any flavor ice cream you please.  My favorite was a snickers cookie with cookie dough ice cream in the middle.  Delicious and delightful.

2. Ricomini Bakery‘s Questio – Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  What’s a questio you ask?  I like to say it’s a little bit of heaven wrapped up in a delicious pastry.  Or maybe it’s just some sort of cream cheese.  Whatever it is, I had to have one a day when I was in Ponce, PR.  Did I mention that I was in Puerto Rico for 6 straight weeks?

And the number one dessert is…

1. Max Brenner‘s Euphoria Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Sundae – Union Square, New York City.  Chocolate, chunks of bananas, peanut butter sauce, and your own mini whoppers to add in.  Yep, it’s my must have dessert every time I’m in NYC.  Sometimes it’s a must have twice… please don’t judge me.

Honorable Mentions: Beaches & Cream’s Fudge Mudslide Sundae with Peanut Butter – Walt Disney World, Orlando;  Serendipity3’s Peanut Butter Frrrozen Hot Chocolate – New York City;  Any chocolate filled pastry in Rome, Italy or Mykonos, Greece!

Daintree Ice Cream Company on Urbanspoon Max Brenner on Urbanspoon Serendipity 3 on Urbanspoon Beaches and Cream on Urbanspoon


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