Anna Maria Island is Sweet

20140906-131546.jpgMy husband and I spent Labor Day Weekend at Anna Maria Island at a quaint and corky beach house with some friends. We primarily spent our time soaking up the sun at Brandenton Beach.

One of the best things about Anna Maria Island is the FREE trolley that takes you around the island. There was a stop right out in front of our beach house and the trolley literally went everywhere we wanted to go – the Pier, Anna Maria Donuts, Coquina Bay Walk. You just hop on the trolley and go. Florida should get more awesome public transportation like this. Our car became obsolete courtesy of this free transportation.

The other thing I loved about Anna Maria was the yummy food options. Omas Pizza and Italian Restaurant and Gulf Drive Cafe were two of the places we emjoyed. Both great food for a decent price in the Brandenton Beach area. But, as you can tell from the name of my blog alone, sweets and dessert are my favorite food group.

20140906-130931.jpgBased on a friend’s recommendation, we hit up a local ice cream shop, Cream of Anna Maria Island. They use locally handmade Big Olaf ice cream courtesy of the Amish community in nearby Sarasota. And they certainly know how to fill someone’s sugar fix with their delicious and varied ice cream flavors. Some of our personal favorites were Dutch Peanut Butter Fudge, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Trash Can – which is made up of everything amazing in life – Oreos, Heath Bar, Reese’s, and the list goes on.

Cream not only sells ice cream, but they also have those cutesy signs that you desperately want around your house like “You are the Sprinkles on my Ice Cream.” Overall, cute store, great ice cream flavors. It is the place for dessert in Anna Maria.

20140906-130920.jpgNow, the place for breakfast is Anna Maria Donuts where you can get custom made to order cake donuts! Yes, warm, custom flavored according to your own heart’s desires donuts. This idea is genius. You pick your own icing like vanilla, chocolate, caramel and then you get to choose your own toppings from a heavenly list of things like coconut, sprinkles, Reese’s, Oreos (are you noticing a chocolate/peanut butter obsession trend here?). Then, after waiting impatiently and hoping each order that is ready is yours, your warm donuts are ready to be devoured.

The House Special – Key Lime is a mysterious wonder. How in the world did they get the limey, tart Key Lime taste into a donut form? I also, not surprisingly, recommend a chocolate peanut butter combo. And for the bacon lovers, there is a maple bacon option that my friend dreamed of having every single day of his life.


Cream on Urbanspoon Anna Maria Donuts on Urbanspoon


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