Bahamian Bachelorette Cruise: Nassau

2014 is the year of weddings. Well, let’s be honest. Every year since I graduated from college seems to be the year of weddings. Maybe I’m a little biased towards 2014 as it is the year of my wedding, but nonetheless, a lot of my friends are getting married this year. I’ve had a wedding event every weekend in the month of January. Now, no offense to the other wedding events I attended this month – they were all beautiful in their own way – but the Bachelorette Cruise to the Bahamas may have to win out due to the awesome photography options and something that speaks to my wandering heart – travel!

I spent Martin Luther King Weekend in the Bahamas with 13 girls, enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean and the crystal blue water. We cruised with Royal Caribbean on “the most beautiful ship in the ocean” the Enchantment of the Seas to Nassau and Coco Cay.

Nassau left something to be desired in my opinion. If I was crazy rich, I could have spent the entire day playing at the infamous Atlantis. But alas, I’m not independently wealthy, and therefore spent the day at the Nassau Straw Market (with local trinkets and tourist goods that are all up for price haggling – but honestly not much there was worth over $10) and then over to Atlantis to gawk for a short time. Bright side: there was a Ben & Jerry’s over by Atlantis that I hit up for a chocolate and peanut butter fix midday.

I was telling a friend the other day that if I never went back to Nassau again in my lifetime, I would not be disappointed. But realistically, since I live in Florida, there is a high probably of me returning via a future cruise. Maybe I’ll be rich enough to enjoy Atlantis then? Until that time, the colorful photos will remind me of the highlights of this port city.


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