Savannah’s Sweets

This past Memorial Day, I adventured up to Savannah, GA with two other friends for a Girls Weekend Getaway.  It was all we hoped for and more – from the quaint Historic District to the delightful Forysth Park.  I would have to say that one of the best parts about Savannah is the food.  The local yummy cafes and of course, amazing sweets!

Thankfully, for sugar addicts like myself, sweets aren’t only reserved for dessert.  Breakfast comes with all sorts of chocolate pancakes and pecan waffles and Savannah wasn’t short on the brunch options.  A local favorite, Clary’s Cafe, had all the traditional breakfast options of eggs, bacon, and toast.  I, of course, looked for anything with peanut butter or chocolate and I found the Elvis French Toast – served with peanut butter AND banana.  I didn’t even have to ask them to add the peanut butter!  This is a normal menu item and heavenly.  Clary’s really knows how to speak right to my heart… or to my sweet-tooth.

Clary's Cafe

If you are looking for a dessert fix later a night, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is a great option.  I’ve officially been to Lulu’s Cupcakes in St. Augustine and the Chocolate Room in Brooklyn.  Savannah has decided to combine the two (114 feet away from the door of my hotel…) into Lulu’s Chocolate Bar.  Get it?  It’s like a candy bar AND a bar with drinks.  The Chocolate Bar.  Man, that’s some funny stuff there.  The Chocolate Bar is open late serving dessert like drinks and of course actual desserts.  The Strawberry Suspension cake was pretty delicious.  It wasn’t quite up to par with other desserts I love around the world, but it wasn’t half bad.  I would certainly eat it again. 🙂IMG_3330

Leopold's Ice CreamThe most hyped dessert place in Savannah is Leopold’s Ice Cream.  Urbanspoon reviewers rant and rave about the deliciousness.  And every evening there is a line of anxious customers that wraps around the curve.  Most people probably wonder if the 20+ minute wait is worth it.  And the answer is yes.  They have custom flavors made of everything good in life.  I went with the Thin Mints & Cream and Peanut Butter Chippy with chocolate fudge sauce on top – which was recommended by the dessert loving worker who said I just HAD to have the heavenly fudge sauce.  He was right, it was delicious.  And I would I wait in that line all over again to partake in the chocolately, peanut butter, and mint goodness.  In fact, is it too extreme to drive 4 hours just for dessert?  Because I’m having a craving.

Clary's Cafe on Urbanspoon Lulu's Chocolate Bar on Urbanspoon Leopold's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon


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