Heidelberg: Drindls and Castles

I’ve been to 29 different countries and my father has been to 3.  And yet, the places my dad has traveled to are places I’ve never explored… until my most recent Europe trip.  I finally got to one of his favorites: Heidelberg, Germany.  Heidelberg has been on my travel agenda for a while since my dad was sweet enough to buy me a poster of town for my classroom.  So this poster daily stares me down, reminding me how I need to travel to Heidelberg.

DirndlI found it a quaint town with a lot of charm.  The Heidelberg Castle was worth visiting for a few hours and apparently has a decent garden (that we didn’t have time to explore).  The Old Town and pedestrian street (from Bismarckplatz to the city hall) has a ton of the typical European stores like H&M and Zara, but also souvenir shops.  My favorite shop in the Old Town happened to be familiar to us who live in the States – TK Maxx.  No, that’s not a typo.  TK Maxx is the German version of TJ Maxx with a twist.  The store carries similar clothing options to US, but the front window displays a German treasure.  Dirndls.  Dirndls that are easily accessible and available for the every day tourist to try on.  I highly recommend giving this a try because the pictures are amazing.


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