Early to Rise in Sanibel

My most recent travel adventure to Sanibel Island was unusual on many accounts:

  1. It was to a place in continental United States
  2. And also in my home state of Florida
  3. I was traveling with my mom

This combination led itself to a few travel abnormalities for me, like waking up early.

Both my mother and I are high school teachers, which means waking up at ungodly hours during the school year is a regular occurrence. For some reason that still alludes me, my mom wakes up in the 6am to 7am time frame every day, regardless of summer – school or no school. I, on the other hand, love to sleep and could snooze until 10am any day of the week, including days where I have to be chipper and teaching at the crack of dawn. This has led to family vacations where my parents, early riser sister, and ever hungry brother, have gone off to eat breakfast, leaving me asleep until they return to the hotel.

Since my recent trip to Sanibel was just me and my mom, I decided to cave in and wake up early. I decided that I could get my lazy self up to see the sunrise at 6:45am. On a normal school day, I would already be half way to work by that time. I could handle this and I could take my fancy camera for some killer shots.

Much like the sunset, we watched the sunrise from the Causeway. We were the only people out on the eastern beach/pull off area to catch warm colored sky. I like to think that as the only crazies on the island up at 6am, these pictures really could be considered “one of a kind.” Some birds even came out to play in the orange sky.

Cinnamon RollThe other great thing about waking up for the sunrise was grabbing breakfast before the crowd hit. The Over Easy Cafe was barely at half capacity at 7:30am. The warm, freshly baked cinnamon rolls helped me to feel even more justified with the early morning decision.

Amazing photos + quality food = a willingness to wake up even before the sun.

Sanibel Sunrise 1

Sanibel Sunrise 2Sanibel Sunrise 4Sanibel Sunrise 3
Sanibel Sunrise 6Sanibel Sunrise 7 Sanibel Sunrise 5Sanibel Sunrise 8Sanibel Sunrise 9Sanibel Sunrise 10Sanibel Sunrise 11


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