Sanibel Sunset

IMG_5580It appears that the past few summer’s travel destinations have had a theme. Two summers ago, it was Spanish with my trips to Spain and Puerto Rico. Last summer was the summer of Botanical Gardens due to my extensive time spent in the United Kingdom (Glasgow Gardens, Oxford Gardens, and even some Gardens in the States in Salt Lake City). This summer is no doubt the summer of the sunset. I’ve captured bright oranges in the clouds in the Bahamas and rays over the city of Sarajevo. And now most recently, I’ve caught two sunsets in Sanibel, Florida.

I found that the Causeway leading to the actual island of Sanibel is a great sunrise and sunset viewing area. There are pull out areas on both sides of the Causeway where you can park and enjoy the colors in peace. Another recommended viewing area (according to discussion boards on TripAdvisor) is the Mucky Duck on Captiva. It’s a restaurant about 20 minutes away from the center of Sanibel Island on the richer island of Captiva that does overlook the west but I wasn’t super impressed with the menu. And, let’s be real, the Causeway is significantly closer to the best ice cream on the island – Pinocchio’s. We were able to watch the sunset at 8pm (give or take 15 minutes) and then hurry over to get in the long line at Pinocchio’s to get some Sanibel Krunch and Dirty Sand Dollar… with hot fudge.

Sanibel Sunset 1Sanibel Sunset 2

Day 2 of trying to catch the sunset from the Causeway. I was a little late, but the sky was much clearer than than the evening before. Just look at that pink!Sanibel Sunset 3

Sanibel Sunset 4Sanibel Sunset 5Sanibel Sunset 6

Sanibel SunsetAnd here is my mom. My travel buddy for this mini Florida vacay. She was hoping to make the blog, so here it is! Mom and I with a washed out sunset behind us!


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