Hope Town’s Aqua Blue Beach

As the sky is overcast and the rain pours down here in Florida, I long to go back to last week where I was in the Abacos islands in the Bahamas – more importantly Hope Town.  The island of Elbow Cay (pronounced Key) with the settlement of Hope Town, is loaded with gorgeous scenery and beach views.  Luckily, my friend I was visiting lived just on the other side of a sand dune and we were able to walk over to our own island paradise any time we wanted.

The sand has a pinkish hue with the small bits of the pink coral reef in it.  And in true Caribbean fashion, the water is aqua blue.  It’s the perfect place to catch up on the latest Nicholas Sparks book or trying to get a tan (without getting too lobster red).  Or at least that’s what I did will there. 🙂







Hopetown Beach 2






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