Bahamian Sunset in the Clouds

My journey to the Bahamas earlier this week was an adventure in itself. It all started with friend from when I worked at a youth missions camp wit challenged me to help fill up her new passport. She knows I have a travel addiction where I can’t say no. This time we headed off to the Bahamas to visit another friend living there. Now this may sound surprising, but I’ve never been to the Bahamas before this week. I know, most Floridians are shocked since the Bahamas are so close, especially by cruise ship. Nonetheless, this journey to Hope Town in Abaco was the first!

We flew with Bahamasair, “if you’ve got time to spare” – their rumored tagline by the people on our flight. They lived up to the rumor by delaying our flight 4.5 hours. Yay. Because of the delay, we were going to miss our connection in Nassau to Marsh Harbour. Which meant no chance of arriving in Hopetown that evening. 😦

When we landed in Nassau, we began the long journey of finding customer service personnel that could help get us a Nassau hotel, on Bahamasair’s dollar of course. When we finally found someone that knew something she told us to hurry up, she had a chartered flight to Marsh Harbour awaiting us. And to top it off, they were willing to pay for our chartered boat to Hopetown since they ferry was no longer running that evening. Moral of the story: if you ever have a mishap involving Bahamasair, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need transportation wise. They came through for us. And to top it off, the chartered flight was at sunset. Be still my heart. Apparently sunsets are my other new favorite thing to photograph (along with waterfalls and the old favorite of botanical gardens).













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