Hungary: Best Ice Cream in Budapest

I like to think of myself as an ice cream connoisseur. I don’t have any real qualifications for this other than the fact that I like dessert a lot and I’ve been eating ice cream since childhood. And when in Europe, I like to partake in the eating of ice cream at least once a day. Typically twice while in Italy. Over indulgence? I think not. It’s all part of taking in the culture (or at least that’s how I try to justify it to myself. That and hey, I walk a lot in Europe as well).

Last week in Budapest during my Eastern Europe adventure, our local friends asked if we liked ice cream. Uh yeah! Who doesn’t? Instantly they got excited and said they would take us to their favorite place over by St. Stephen’s Church – a little place called Gelarto Rosa.

When we walked up, it appeared to be the same as other ice cream shops. But Gelarto Rosa most certainly is not typical. For one reason, they offer all sorts of funky flavors like Kiwi Banana or Basil Lemon, Pear with Salted Chocolate, and some of the most delicious Cinnamon ice cream ever. To top it off, they also carve the ice cream into a rose in your cone. Yes, rose shaped ice cream – hence the name Gelarto Rosa. I highly recommend trying it out and thinking through your flavor options and the order you give it to them to properly craft your rose into the true food art that it is.





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