Serbia: Belgrade by Twilight

20130630-192032.jpg I was surprised to find Belgrade as modern as it is. I’m not sure exactly what I expected in find in Serbia, but what I ended up with was a city that looked very similar to most Western European cities I’ve visited. Tall buildings, pedestrian zones, Zara, the Gap, McDonald’s – all the signs of the West are there. The Knez Mihajlova (affectionately called the Walking Street by my friends there), has some amazing cafes. I highly recommend Coffee Dream, which sounds like a super lame US chain. It’s not. It is Serbian and has some of the most legit ice cream sundaes. My coffee loving friend claims that this place has the best coffee of our trip thus far. And they have cupcakes, something I was unaware of any European cafe serving.


Another great area to visit at night is St. Mark’s Church in Tašmajdan Park. Be sure to see the light up Parliament building on the walk over – as it is in between the Knez walking zone and the park. My favorite part is the fountains in Tašmajdan Park that light up with every color imaginable and just happen to have a view of St. Mark’s behind them. I seriously spent about 30 minutes messing with shutter speed and ISO to get the photo to turn out just right. I basically was obsessed with the purple color and wanted to capture it in all it’s purpley fountain glory. I felt pretty safe walking around Belgrade at night, even in a group of all girls. So I recommend getting out there and exploring the main areas of Belgrade in the early evening, even if it is just to see that electric blue fountain.













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