North Georgia Waterfalls

Last year for Memorial Day some friends and I headed up to North Georgia for 3 days of Gospel Manliness and Womanly Wilderness Adventure (so our camping trip was dubbed by one of my friends). One of the most memorable parts of this trip involved jumping off this crazy waterfall and swimming in it’s freezing water. And despite the epicness and fond memories, I couldn’t get anyone back to those falls for the life of me. I didn’t even have a clue as to the name and neither did my friend who took us there! It seemed almost like a camping mirage.

This past weekend, my North Georgia cousin married her co-camp counselor sweetheart in the town of Dahlonega. Our extended family made the trek from flat Florida to the mountains for a beautiful wedding. Since the wedding was on Saturday evening, there was time to adventure during the day and my family was hoping to get outdoorsy. So we asked the local cousins what to check out in the area. One recommended a place nearby called Dick’s Creek Falls. I looked it up for directions and low and behold! This was the long lost waterfall jumping place from the previous year! Yet again, Dick’s Creek provided entertainment for my North Georgia trip. I couldn’t seem to talk my mom or aunt into jumping into the icy pool below, so we just admired it for a bit before heading back to our cabins. Next time, Mom’s going in. 😉

In case you are interested, you can find the directions to Dick’s Creek Falls of Lumpkin County HERE (and this way I won’t forget either).







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