Savannah: Bikes & Forsyth Park

Savannah Bike ToursI just returned home from an amazing Memorial Day weekend in Savannah that consisted of history, super yummy food, and using my new DSLR 18-270mm lens for all sorts of zoom photo ops.  One of the first things we did was the one and only Savannah Bike Tours around the city.  Now I say the “one and only” because this company is really the only bike tour option I came across for the city of Savannah.  But Savannah Bike Tours was also super fun and well worth the title of “one and only.”  Dee, our tour guide was as sweet and Southern as can be.  I can’t speak highly enough about his customer service and attentiveness – like calling me back just because he saw a missed call from me the morning of the tour or carrying my friend’s purse in his bike basket since hers wasn’t large enough.  He also was a great story teller with knowledge of the historical buildings.

Savannah Bike Tours

I really enjoyed taking a tour like this at the beginning of the trip to see major sites in a city – always a great thing to do at the outset of any trip.  This way we can adventure back to the places that were intriguing later that day.  Our bike tour took us to all the major squares in the historic district and gave us an opportunity to hear the stories about old houses turned inn/restaurants.  We even saw the place where Forest Gump sat on the park bench (sans bench; it’s a flowerbed now) and learned a bit about the drama behind the book that made Savannah famous – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Savannah Bike Tours

Post bike tour we just had t o return to the beautiful Forsyth Park.  I just had to get more pictures of the fountain and my friends wanted to lounge in the grass for a mid-afternoon break.  Forsyth Park is also a great place for afternoon picnic or a game of ultimate frisbee with the locals.  So good.

Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park FountainForsyth ParkForsyth ParkForsyth Park

Forsyth Park FountainForsyth Park FountainForsyth Park Fountain


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