Glasgow Gardens

Glasgow has one of the tiniest subways I’ve ever been on.  When I say tiny, I don’t mean like a short line with a few stops because it really does pale in comparison to NYC, Paris, or London but let’s be real, Glasgow itself is also way smaller than those mega-cities.  What I mean by tiny is cute little toylike subway cars.  I think I may have had to actually duck to get in and out of the petite subway capsules.  In fear of looking super touristy, I didn’t take any photos while on the train.  Looking back, I wish I did just so you all could properly understand how small the cars truly were.

Glasgow Botanic Garden

Anyway, enough of the tiny subway rant, to get to Glasgow’s Botanic Garden you take the subway and get off at the Hillhead stop.  The gardens is literally only a few minutes walk up Byres Road.  And I feel like, but I can’t honestly remember, that there are signs pointing you in the right direction as well.

A great thing about the Glasgow Botanic Gardens is that the majority of the flowers are in greenhouses.  Scotland’s weather can be capricious, so this is the perfect indoor option for a rainy, gloomy, or cold day.  The outdoor portion of the gardens seemed to be a popular spot for locals to bring their families and play in the grass.  I’d say that this place is well worth the tiny subway ride. 🙂

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Garden

Glasgow Botanic Garden

Glasgow Botanic Garden

Glasgow Botanic Garden

Glasgow Botanic Garden

Glasgow Botanic Garden

Glasgow Botanic Garden



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    • Thanks so much! I’ve tried my hardest to learn how to properly use my camera to take good macro photos. I’m still in the learning phase, but I’ve seemed to have gotten it down a bit more.

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