Mediterranean Favs: Mykonos

Mykonos GreecePeople often ask me what is my favorite place that I’ve ever visited.  And honestly, that is a really difficult question to answer considering how I have great memories from all of my trips – from snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and touring the Tuscan countryside to going to the Olympics in London or playing with the cutest kids in Haiti.  I’ve been to some pretty amazing places.  But, if I had to pick a place that was my absolute “favorite”, I would have to say the Mediterranean Sea Basin.  I know, that’s not a specific country or city, but as an AP World History teacher, I feel justified picking a region of the world.  There are some major similarities amongst those cities like amazing food, warm climate, and sidewalk cafes, despite all their differences in languages.  So yes, if asked my favorite place in the world, I would say the Mediterranean Sea Basin. 🙂

While on the best cruise ever with some of the best friends ever in 2007, I got to tour around my favorite region of the world ever – the Mediterranean!  Our first stop on the cruise was in Mykonos, Greece.  Originally, my friends and I planned to rent scooters to tour around the island.  We found out that first time riders can’t just rent a moped and fly around the island.  Instead, you could rent four wheelers to tour around.  Once I lost the idea of cute pictures with the moped, I decided just to tour around Mykonos by foot – exploring stores, restaurants, and the beach.  Some of my friends did take the four wheeler option and said it was one of their highlights of the entire cruise.  So don’t rule it out, even though I absolutely loved just walking around the town and taking in the culture.

Towards the end of our day in Mykonos, my walking/shopping friends and I decided to head over towards the windmills to watch the sunset.  The five windmills over look the harbor of Alefkandra (yes, I just looked this name up) and from here, you can get an amazing view of the sun going down.  The crowd was bearable, even though it existed and I thought well worth the site.  After enjoying the gorgeous sky, we stopped at a cafe and enjoyed the chocolate filled croissants for just 1 EUR!  Warm, gooey, deliciousness at the end of a perfect day in a Greek city and for really cheap.  Mediterranean Sea basin, it’s no wonder you’ve won my heart!

Mykonos Dessert

Yummy Chocolate Croissants
Mykonos Greece

Mykonos GreeceMassive pelicans were just waiting around for a photo opt right when we got off the mini boats from the cruise ship.  Yet another reason why Mykonos is amazing.

Mykonos GreeceMykonos Greece

Mykonos Greece

I should have taken a photo by this moped.  I could have at least pretended that I was riding around on one of these!Mykonos Windmills

The crowd was already in the process of gathering to watch the sunset by the windmills.Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Sunset

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Greece


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