Eating My Way Through Brooklyn

Normally when I visit New York City, the majority of the meals I eat are in Manhattan restaurants.  This time around, I had the full Brooklyn dining experience.  And yes, I do realize that it’s kind of ridiculous that I have a “normal” for NYC, but it seems that I get up there at least once or twice a year.  So over time, I’ve developed some regular occurrences.  In fact, some of my Florida friends were shocked that that I didn’t make time (or room) for Max Brenner.  His Peanut Butter Euphoria Ice Cream Sundae is my number one favorite dessert!

To start off with, we ate the traditional Brooklyn dinner at Lucali.  Pizza and calzones!  They have a few topping options, but the ingredients are really fresh, especially the full basil leaves they put on your pizza.  The calzones are also extra cheesy, with a thin crust that seemed to work.  An added bonus to this place, Lucali also happens to be Jay Z and Beyonce’s favorite pizza place if you have hopes of starring at celebs over your Italian food.  Be sure to arrive early, the place gets really busy and only has a few tables.

We then walked over to the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain for dessert.  It was a super quaint 1950s style soda fountain.  The waiters and waitresses are all decked out in fifties dress for the winning combo.  Of course, I went for the chocolate peanut butter option on the menu AND they had a half size of the ice cream sundae (for those of us who just pigged out on delicious pizza and calzone). The Peanut Butter Sundae wasn’t the to-die-for kind of thing, but it was good and I think the cute atmosphere helped bring it over the top.

Brooklyn Farmacy

Brooklyn Farmacy

Brooklyn Farmacy

Our waitress and all the different sundae glass sizes.  We were being needy and wanted to know all the options available and she willingly complied.Farmacy Sundaes

Farmacy Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

Half Size of the Peanut Butter Sundae with Chocolate Ice CreamFarmacy Winter Wonderland Sundae

Half Size of the Winter Wonderland Mint and Brownie Sundae

The following evening we had decently priced and delicious thai food at Ghang, and then walked over to Momofuku’s Milk Bar in Carroll Garden.  One of the main highlights of this place is the Cereal Milk flavored ice cream.  I didn’t have the chance to partake, but rumor has it that it tastes like cereal milk after a bowl of frosted flakes!

Momofuku Milk BarI did get to try their famous Compost Cookie which is a combo of chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coffee, graham cracker crust, pretzels, and even potato chips.  The flavor that stands out the most was the coffee taste, and I don’t even typically enjoy coffee, but these cookies were legit.  We also tried the Blueberry and Cream cookie along with the Mint Cookies ‘n Cream Cake Truffle (similar to a cakepop).

Momofuku Milk Bar

Momofuku Milk Bar

The Chocolate RoomOn my last night in the City, we hit up The Chocolate Room – a place with decant chocolate desserts and drinks.  I tried the delicious Black Bottom Butterscotch that has a layer of chocolate at the bottom (hmmm… I wonder where the name came from?) with butterscotch custard and coconut whipped cream.  The coconut whipped cream was amazing and the perfect combo with the butterscotch.  The Chocolate Room also has cookies, cakes, truffles, brownies, for purchase from their window cases in the front.  Which cause people like me to stop and stare when walking by, even when it’s practically freezing outside…


Momofuku Milk Bar on Urbanspoon Brooklyn Farmacy on Urbanspoon The Chocolate Room on Urbanspoon Lucali on Urbanspoon


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