I Love Your Mask…of Burano Island!

Venetian MaskAlright, I know New Years Eve was a few nights ago now and we are well into 2013 (or at least people who have kept their resolutions thus far feel well into the year), but I just have to share about the New Years party I co-hosted.  It was an Masquerade Dance Party with some of my most favorite people.  Amidst all the hullabaloo of a raging party, I kept getting compliments on my lacy gold mask and massive feather.  What many of my friends didn’t realize was this masquerade party has been in the making since my Spring Break trip to Italy and I had waited 8 months to rock that feather.

Last March, some great friends and I toured around Italy (yes, I get a Spring Break courtesy of being a teacher).  We spent a few days in mask capital of Italy – Venice.  I already owned a Venetian mask from my first trip to Europe and I’ve tried to wear it at parties in the past.  The mask is made of out plaster, which gets hot and, tragically, the strings aren’t attached all that well to the actual mask as I’ve super glued them back on twice.  By the end of a night in my traditional Venetian mask, I find that I’ve worn the mask more on top of my head than actually on my face.  Alright, so back to Spring Break… One day we took a water bus over to Burano Island just outside of Venice on a recommendation.  Burano Island is known for its lace work and colorful homes, we were told.  Little did I know that it also had LACE MASKS!  When I saw this, I just had to get one, and I went for the most ridiculously, awe-inspiring one I could find!   I convinced a few of my other friends to get one as well, and viola – a New Years Masquerade Party theme was born.  And we looked fabulous.  🙂

Note: Even though I thought the Burano lace mask is the answer to my masquerade problems, the massive feather was an entire other issue.  I had to remedy it with bobby pins and clips, but this mask was able to stay on much longer, even with it being so top heavy!

Burano Lace Masks

Burano Lace Masks

Not only do I love Burano Island for thier gorgeous lace masks, but also for the photos ops all over the island.  It literally looks like a big crayon box with all of the vibrant colors on the buildings and homes.  It was the perfect place to stroll and pop in and out of shops while enjoying the scenery.  It also has a great laid back atmosphere compared to the hubbub of cities like Florence and Rome.  My masquerade party co-hosts and I even enjoyed some time soaking in the sun while there.Burano IslandBurano Island

Burano Island

Burano Island

Burano IslandBurano Island Windows

Yes, these are actual pictures of windows around the island.  Yes, I had to use Microsoft Word to piece them all together even with my fancy iPhoto editing skills.

Burano Island

Venetian Masks

Some of the metal masks that look like lace.  Maybe a future purchase?Burano Island

Burano Island


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