Dirtying My Boots in Ireland

Wicklow MountainsYears ago, when I graduated from undergrad, a few friends and I headed off to Ireland and England for a grand adventure.  One of the highlights of our time spent in Dublin was on a Dirty Boots Trek around the Wicklow Mountains National Park.  In writing this post, I’m having a difficult time finding a valid website for the Dirty Boots tour company which took us on the journey.  THIS is the closest thing I can find for them, which makes me worried that this awesome tour has disappeared!  The most amazing thing about this tour was the delicious, warm, chicken soup we ate up on top of one of the mountains mid hike.  I don’t know if it was because we just hiked up a huge mountain or the chilly mountain air,or if the soup really was the best I’ve ever had, all I know is that I wish that this soup was a regular occurrence in my life.

This Dirty Boots hike through the Wicklow Mountains was not for the weak, as it lasted an entire day and I’m pretty sure we went at least 8 miles.  And, the “dirty boots” slogan actually became a reality on the muddy trail.  Hiking boots, a rain jacket or sweatshirt was absolutely necessary when we visited in early May.  The mountains were peaceful and a great break from the hub-bub of the city of Dublin.

Even if my beloved Dirty Boots Trek company no longer exists – which I think is unfortunately true as the email I tried to send to them was just returned…  I highly recommend leaving Dublin and heading over to the Wicklow Mountains National Park for a day in nature.  I even found a company that would take you out there: Walkabout Wicklow.  You are welcome. 🙂

*Please excuse the sub-par pictures as these were taken with one of my first digital cameras back in 2005 – before DSLR existed in my life.

Wicklow MountainsWicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow MountainsDirty Boots Trek


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