Making an Epic Gingerbread Train

Gingerbread Train Made of Graham CrackersSo I know I typically write about far off adventures and exotic travels, but today I want to stick to something else near and dear to my heart – sweets!  Last week, my friends and I participated in (and won!) a Gingerbread Competition.  We built a massive Gingerbread Train!  Well, not really a “gingerbread” train, it was more of a graham cracker train with ginger snap wheels, but nonetheless, we called it a gingerbread train AND I didn’t have to spend an entire night trying to make/cut pieces of gingerbread.  When it came to the actual construction, it only took us an hour to make.  I know this because of the competition’s time constraints, so it’s not a super long process if anyone else out there gets inspired.  I think my favorite part of our creation was the ice cream cone Christmas trees covered in frosting and sprinkles or maybe the Nutter Butter train conductor or maybe the Twizzler train tracks with marshmallow snow… ok, so maybe the entire thing was my favorite.  But, can you blame me?

Side note: I didn’t eat this awesomeness for two reasons: 1. I made some chocolate peanut butter brownies for a friend’s birthday at the party that were to die for.  2. Some of the materials we used may have been hidden in the back of pantries and stale – way more economical!


4 thoughts on “Making an Epic Gingerbread Train

  1. I would argue tht some CRU kids made a significantly more impressive gingerbread craft than this train. Although, they weren’t supplied with actual gingerbread.

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