Camels, Rugs, and Morocco

Being a teacher not only gives me the perk of being able to travel, but also the added bonus of inspiring students to become passionate about seeing what the world has to offer.  I can hype all the cool cities in the world mid-class discussion, but the best way is to actually take the kids abroad!  I did just that in the summer of 2010.

I travelled with a few students and a great friend to Spain with a student tour group – EF Tours.  Along with traveling all around España, we also took a day trip over to Tétouan, Morocco.  Now Morocco always sounded like a fun place to visit, like Brazil or New Zealand, but much like these places, Morocco wasn’t on my near future travel plan.  Once the idea of Morocco was dangled in front of me as an optional excursion, I couldn’t turn it down.  And just look, I got to ride a camel while there!  Obviously, this was time well spent.

Part of our journey around town took us to a “traditional” rug store.  The workers made the rugs look like magical flying carpets by constantly throwing them into the air, trying to entice us to buy (like a bunch of high schoolers are high rollers who are interested in paying a ton of money for a Moroccan rug).  Nonetheless, I found Morocco to be a fascinating place with the best chicken, carrot, and onion couscous I’ve ever had!

Morocco 1
Morocco 4

Morocco 3

Morocco 2


3 thoughts on “Camels, Rugs, and Morocco

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