Memphis’ Zoo & Music

Memphis Zoo.  The morning of the wedding we had some time to explore so we headed off to the acclaimed Memphis Zoo – but of course, not without stopping for breakfast at a local Cafe Eclectic for muffins and scones.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, Cafe Eclectic was also on the list of best desserts in Memphis blog that I mentioned earlier.  Next time, I just have to get their ice cream shake but I just didn’t feel like that was appropriate for 9am.  Not to say that something like that hasn’t happened in the past, **cough cough Moo-Moo’s Milkshakes while at Oxford for breakfast** or that it won’t happen in the future!

Once we got to the zoo, we were ready to see all the animals it had to offer.  Since the weather was a bit chilly, I saw more animals than I’m used to seeing in Florida’s heat (or D.C. for that matter).  The big cats were out to stare us down like they were stalking their prey, the giraffes were awkwardly bending over to eat grass, and the 48 year old elephant was using it’s weird trunk thumb to grab food.  The most anticipated site at this zoo was the panda bears and alas, they were asleep.  We didn’t have time to everything the zoo had to offer, but from what we saw, it was a pretty fun place.

Sun Studio.  Memphis is most well-known for their music scene – the rock & roll scene to be exact.  To get a taste of this world, we headed off to Sun Studio, the place that discovered Elvis!  It’s a small still functioning recording studio with a mini museum and tour.  While on the tour I found out that Sun Studio not only was the place that gave Elvis his first start, but it’s also the studio where the Million Dollar Quartet of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins did their impromptu performance.  You can even take a picture rockin’ out with Elvis’ microphone where he stood to record.

Beale Street.  To truly get a feel of what the Memphis music world was all about, there is really only one place to go – Beale Street.  Beale Street has the normal bump ‘n grind clubs, but also a plethora of bars with live music.  Memphis also has an awesome trolley that runs thru downtown for the low cost of $1 – making our journey to Beale Street much easier, warmer, and safer.  We settled on going into B.B. King’s Blues Club, but only after doing the Wobble on the street with 100s of other dancers of course.  B.B. King’s had a great vibe – food, live music, and dancing.  We especially enjoyed the B.B. King’s All Star Band and the cute trombone player in it until a little before 1am (when the trolley shuts down).  Memphis seriously needs to fix that trolley/bar closing timing issue and make them both happen at the same time instead of the trolley stopping an hour before the bars close!  Nonetheless, it was still a pretty great night out on the town.


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