Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling

Great Barrier ReefA few years ago one of my friends lived in Japan.  When he moved over there I thought to myself, “This is it!  I can visit Japan without getting lost on a Tokyo subway!”  I so started planning to visit that side of the world for a trip of epic proportions.  Well, plans changed and my friend moved back to the States which meant I no longer had  tour guide in Japan.  So I changed my plans and decided to visit another awesome country in the Pacific -Australia!  And no trip to Australia would have been complete without snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef!

For our snorkeling adventure, we stayed in small, literally in the middle of nowhere town called Cape Tribulation (near Cairns).  Cape Trib, as my friends and I started to call it because we are cool and hip like that, is known for being the place “where the rainforest meets the reef.” Parts of the reef literally are stuck on the sand right when you walk out of the rainforest. To get out to the actual reef, we used the only snorkeling company in town (remember how I said it was small?) Ocean Safari.  We had no complaints with the company AND one of the workers helped rescue my camera when I happened to lose it on the reef.

Speaking of losing my camera, over the years I have developed a horrible habit of losing my waterproof cameras!  I swear by my Olympus Waterproof camera to take all my under water photos as they are super durable.  I can’t speak highly enough of Olympus Waterproof cameras (well, except with my most recent one when it comes to low lighting).  My old Olympus Waterproof camera – the highest end, first version of their waterproof from 2007 – spent about 24 hours under a waterfall in Virginia and still worked for an entire year afterwards.  If that doesn’t say waterproof, I don’t know what does!  My new waterproof was an emergency relief camera sent to me in Puerto Rico when my original one died.  It’s the cheapest version from 2009, but it still takes great underwater photos, as you can see below!

Blue Starfish!

Yes, that is a Reef Shark in the middle of the photo. I didn’t even realize I was swimming with a shark until I took this picture and noticed it on the screen!  Then I saw him swimming away – no scary run-ins with this guy!

Really huge clam that would open and close when it felt bubbles.

Pink (or should I say coral colored?) heart shaped coral

 Black, white, & yellow Butterfly Fish

A Stingray up close and personal


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