Climbing St. Augustine’s Lighthouse

St. Augustine LighthouseThis past weekend, a few of my Orlando friends and I decided to go on a grand adventure to St. Augustine for a friend’s birthday!  So we packed up ourselves and some cream cheese pumpkin muffins (courtesy of one of the travelers who loves food as much as I do) and headed two hours north to the oldest city in the United States!  The Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, landed here in 1513, shortly after the infamous Columbus landed in San Salvador in 1492.  I’m assuming good ole Ponce had NO idea that the town would turn into a tourist destination where people 500 years later would come to drink nasty sulfur water from a fountain of youth, with his name attached to it!

We forewent the fountain (we don’t need some weird tasting water to make us young, we are awesome even as we age) and hit up some other sites like the St. Augustine Lighthouse. We climbed the 219 stairs, which was a breeze for me after the 365 steps on my hike in Wales, and made it to the top for a gorgeous view on the beach below.  In order to climb the lighthouse, you have to buy an all-inclusive ticket for the museum and “nature trail” – which seemed a little anti-climatic.  The lighthouse was quaint and made for some great photos, so it was well worth the ticket in my opinion!


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