Hope for Haiti

Haiti OrphanageIt’s September, which means Hurricane Season is in full force for the tropical world.  Haiti has been brought to the forefront of my mind with the recent discussion of Hurricane Isaac here in Florida.  I couldn’t help but think of all the adorable kids I met in different villages and orphanages.  Luckily, Isaac was just a Tropical Storm when it passed over Haiti BUT because of the high number people still displaced from the earthquake (about 400,000 people), people were still in distress.

I spent a week of my Christmas Break in Haiti at the Mission of Hope with their subsidiary organization, Lespwa Means Hope.  The Mission of Hope’s goal is to bring life transformation, hope, and restoration to every man, woman, and child in Haiti.  I know, that’s a huge statement, but I believe God is using the Mission of Hope along with other organizations in Haiti to really accomplish this.  Last fall, a great friend of mine (that I met through another mission organization near and dear to my heart, TEAMeffort) posted on my Facebook wall simply asking, “Want to go to Haiti?”  She knew that this was a dangerous questions as I’m always up to leave the country a.k.a. any travel challenge she proposed, I would be game (especially since she tried this trick before and a few months later we ended up in Puerto Rico together).  So game on, last December I headed off to Haiti with two amazing friends to see what God was doing in this disenfranchised part of the world.

We had a chance to witness some of the education, farming, and job training efforts the Mission of Hope is involved in.  We also had a chance to met some of the cutest kids ever.  Every village we entered, children would run over to greet our group wanting to hold our hands or be carried.  They had so much love to give.  So thanks to Hurricane Isaac, I’ve had a chance to relieve this great week with some adorable kids who will hopefully learn that they have a God who loves them even more than we could ever imagine.

If you are interested in helping the Mission of Hope in any of their efforts (tropical storm related or not), you can donate >>HERE<<.  For Tropical Storm relief, be sure to write Isaac in the notes section.  You can also check out their Facebook Groups: Mission of Hope and Lespwa Means Hope for more information!


3 thoughts on “Hope for Haiti

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