London 2012: NOT the Olympics

Ok, I promise that this is my last post from my grand summer adventure around Great Britain!  Even though I was in London specifically for the Olympics, I managed to get around and tour some sites and museums when I wasn’t watching the US women kick butt in soccer or win the silver medal in synchronized diving.  Check out this great photo of the sunset and skyline I snapped from a friend’s apartment.

Victoria and Albert Museum.  The Victoria and Albert Museum was a nice change of pace.  I was about museumed out by the end of my time abroad, but the V & A had exhibits other than Renaissance art!  Don’t get me wrong, I really, really, love the Renaissance.  It may be my favorite time period to teach, but after hours at the Lourve and the Ashmoleian museums, I was ready for something different.  The V&A Museum has a Fashion exhibit, costume exhibit, AND a jewelry exhibit along with all the art and historical artifacts.

British Museum of Natural History.  I didn’t spend too much time at the Museum of Natural History, many of the exhibits were similar to stuff I’ve seen at either the Natural History Smithsonian in D.C. or the Natural History Museum in Oxford.  The decor was totally different than anything I’ve seen before.  Yes to explore the museum, you ride an escalator up into this lava rock/planet looking thing while alien monsters and astronauts look on.  Definitely haven’t experienced that before.

Westminster Abbey.  So, you aren’t supposed to take pictures instead Westminster Abbey, but I got this photo before I was told that rule.  Turned out pretty nice!

Westminster Abbey is an Anglican Church (yeah, that Henry VIII stuff again) that is filled with the tombs of all sorts of famous Brits.  Writers like Geoffrey Chaucer who wrote the Canterbury Tales and Charles Dickens of Great Expectations.  Scientists like Sir Isaac Newton – the dude who noticed gravity and evolutionist Charles Darwin.  Tons of monarchs from Queen Mary I (aka Bloody Mary) – the Catholic daughter of Henry who got cranky and killed a bunch of protestants, Queen Elizabeth I the protestant queen who ruled for 45 years and had some famous plays made by this dude Shakespeare.  Maybe you’ve heard of him; and King James I – King James Version of the bible… yeah, lots of famous people.  It was super fun walking around the Abbey with some friends who let me be extra nerdy and explain the history behind all these famous people!

And one last shot of Big Ben and Parliament for good measure…



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