Desserts in Paris

One of my great friends commented on my blog and I quote:  “You haven’t talked about desserts at all in your last couple of posts…I’m a little concerned.”  And it’s true!  I didn’t come across that many life altering, must tell the world desserts in Great Britain.  There was only one place I would write home about that I found in Oxford:  Moo-Moo’s Milkshakes.  Moo-Moo’s, located in the Covered Market, and just around the corner from where I was staying at Exeter College, was always packed with tourists and locals alike.  This place seriously had around 100 topping options that you could mix together to create your own heavenly shake.  My personal favorite was Kinder Bueno and Peanut Butter and a close second was Mint Kit Kat and Oreo.  They also had fruits you could blend together to make a smoothie which made for a nice breakfast option pre-lecture at Oxford.  I was almost able to fill out my stamp card for Moo-Moo’s, if only I had found the place a week earlier!

Sidenote: No, I did not plan to match Moo-Moo’s decor.  But now I do look like their official poster child.

Once I left Great Britain and headed over to Paris, I found all the desserts I had been missing… and proceeded to eat them all in one weekend…  From salted caramel ice cream to molten chocolate lava cake.  Ah, France, thank you for fulfilling my need for amazing desserts!

Ladurée is a luxury bakery and shop most known for their macaroons.  But it’s not only a bakery, but also a cafe where you can sit and enjoy some of the other delicious desserts they have to offer (and coffee if that is your thing).  I, of course, went with a chocolate option – Carré Chocolat to be exact.  That’s a black chocolate macaroon biscuit, thin black chocolate crispy leaves, smooth black chocolate cream, smooth black chocolate biscuit and chocolate zabaglione mousse (which is a light custard).  Some people may say that this is rich and maybe too sweet, and I say that isn’t possible.  It was perfect.

Now I couldn’t just go and have chocolate cake and call it a day at Ladurée, I definitely had to buy a box of Ladurée macaroons.  Somehow I was able to narrow down all the options to fit into my box of eight: chocolate, mint, almond, caramel with salted butter, vanilla,  rose, strawberry poppy, and raspberry.  I highly recommend the vanilla, caramel, and almond.  I certainly plan to seek these out again and now I can because I found out that there is a Ladurée in New York City on Madison Avenue!  What!?  How have I missed this on all those previous trips to the Big Apple?!  But now I can get these treats stateside.  Major win!

After eating that great Carré Chocolat, I wanted to wait a bit before inhaling the macaroons.  So I proceeded to carry around the bag of treats for the rest of the day.  While at the Eiffel Tower, some random American man stopped me to ask what was in my little green bag from Ladurée.  He said that he kept seeing women walking around with these bags and he was trying to figure out what that store was.  He was assuming it was a famous French lingerie store!  No, no, sir… it’s dessert.


5 thoughts on “Desserts in Paris

    • Haha, I actually had Ben’s Cookies in Oxford on the days when Moo Moo’s Milkshake’s line was too long (they are conveniently located right near one another in the Oxford Covered Market)! Ben’s warm delicious cookies were my breakfast before lecture some mornings!

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