Where’s the Olympic Rings?

Olympic Rings GlasgowSince I’ve been home from my tour around Great Britain, I’ve been quite busy editing and uploading photos.  In looking through my pictures, it is quite clear that not only is London decked out for the Olympics, but other cities all over the United Kingdom are as well.  I’ve also decided that finding the Olympic Rings is like a big game of Where’s Waldo.  I think my childhood properly prepared me to play.

Tower Bridge in London

Edinburgh City Center

Glasgow City Center

Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London

Thames River in London

There are also other fun Olympic decorations all over like these flowers in Glasgow’s City Center.

And of course, the center of the Olympics has new buildings like those found in the Olympic Park in London.

Random Olympic Mascots are also all over London.  I didn’t really understand why this one-eyed creature  is the mascot, but here he is as a pirate by the Thames River.


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