United Kingdom: Day 32 – Home from the Olympics

Once I realized that I would be in England close to the 2012 Olympics, I was determined to find a way to see the games.  Luckily, a friend from home had the same hope!  We started off in the grand search for tickets and it was more difficult than expected.  Gymnastics, Swimming, and Beach Volleyball only had the crazy expensive seats available since everyone and their mom wanted to go to these events.  We were able to get tickets to Women’s Football (soccer for us Americans) to the USA vs. France game in Glasgow, Scotland.  Pretty cool considering how the US Women’s Soccer team is AMAZING.  So I was officially going to the Olympics, but I wanted tickets for events actually IN London.  Back in the ticket search engine, we found that Women’s Indoor Volleyball tickets were available.  I enjoy watching volleyball because some of my former students were also volleyball players.  I attended a few high school games and learned the lingo all in support of my students.  But this also meant that Olympic Volleyball sounded fun and something I would understand.  Two Olympic events, that would suffice (or so I thought).  One day my friend received an email saying that more tickets opened up and we scored some seats for the Women’s Synchronized Diving Medal Round!  Yes, an event in the Aquatic Center (even if Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps wouldn’t be there) AND a metal ceremony.  A perfect way to round out an Olympic trifecta.

So, here are the highlights from the games I attended:

  • Hope Solo is a ninja (US goalie).  US Women’s Soccer is under-hyped.  They are great and more people should pay attention to them!  I also I got the watch the  North Korea/South Korea flag debacle unfold at the North Korea vs. Columbia Soccer game.
  • Yes, I saw the US Women’s Synchronized Diving team receive the Silver Metal (China was going beast mode and just couldn’t be beat for the Gold).  And I learned that I’m a splash nazi when it comes to diving.
  • Japan’s Volleyball team is surprisingly fun to watch.  They really gave Italy a run for their money, but Italy just was the better team winning 3 of the 4 matches they played.

I’m home now from the grand UK adventure and currently watching the Olympics from my tv.  Even though I have a better view from my couch, it’s just not the same without my mini-American flag and Team USA red, white, and blue clothes!  Go Team USA!


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