United Kingdom: Day 26 – Not-So-Gloomy Edinburgh

EdinburghAh Scotland, the land of bagpipes, kilts, and lochs.  I’m not going to lie, my first impression of Scotland wasn’t the best.  I just left the beautiful weather in Paris to come to a chilly torrential downpour in Edinburgh.  It was, quite frankly, depressing.  I threw on leggings and a rain jacket and headed out to explore wet Edinburgh before my friend arrived.  And sitting eating dinner, soaking wet, I desperately wanted to return to France.

The next morning the rain stopped and the sun appeared.  Thank God.  We ventured out into the city with no real plans, but hoped on a bus tour and got a great feel for the city.  The Scottish Parliament meets in Edinburgh in the most unusual building with hairdryer looking curtains on the outside.  We wandered in and found the greatest photography exhibit relating to major events that happened in 2011 – from Japan’s earthquake to the Arab Spring.  I highly recommend it as it is thought provoking and educational and not just for nerdy history teachers (my friend liked it too)!

Right next to the Parliament building is Arthur’s Rock; a great place for an impromptu hike and a view of the city.  From the rock, you can see Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle along with the nearby loch.  Beautiful and a pretty easy walk as long as you can handle an incline.

My opinion of Scotland increased dramatically, all due to a little sunshine.  I guess the Florida girl in me just can’t handle dreary weather!


2 thoughts on “United Kingdom: Day 26 – Not-So-Gloomy Edinburgh

  1. I’m immune to Edinburgh weather (growing up in Scotland teaches you to just get on with life!) but my husband (a born and bred South African) has slightly more trouble adjusting to it when we visit “home”. I’ll agree with you though, Edinburgh in the sunshine looks much more beautiful!

  2. Haha, I totally understand where your husband is coming from! I had the hardest time adjusting to the cold and rain. All the locals kept saying how lucky I was to have a sunny day. We even had sun when we went to Loch Lomond the next day!

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