United Kingdom: Day 24 – Sunny Paris!

My program at Oxford ended a few days ago, and I’ve been so busy galavanting around Europe, that I haven’t had a chance to update!  Ever since I found out that I would be at University of Oxford I desperately wanted to plan an excursion to Paris.  I tried to get friends from the US to commit to a French adventure, but much to no avail.  So I headed off to England with a plan to study at Oxford for 3 weeks, and after the program to head up to Scotland with a friend, visit some friends in Bristol, and go to the Olympics in London.  I left a few unplanned days in between with the hope of French croissants and pastries but had no idea how I would make this happen.  While at Oxford, I made friends with people from all over the globe, but most importantly a friend from Paris!  He told me to come visit, to which I replied I would right when our program ended.  Perfect.  I could finally go to Paris and I had a local tour guide (who LOVES history) to boot!  Best way to visit a city.

When my time at Oxford ended, I picked up and went to Paris.  It was a quick trip, but just enough time to see the major sites.  I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower, saw the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, heard the organ play in Notre Dame, ate AMAZING French macrons, and wandered around a the Senate’s garden.

The warmth of the sun was much appreciated, especially now that I’m back in the UK where it’s cold and rainy… I certainly plan to return to Paris sometime in the future!


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