United Kingdom: Day 14 – Exeter College and Christ Church

So I’ve posted quite a bit from my brief stint here at Oxford University, but I realized I haven’t really said much about where I am living for three weeks!  I’m at Exeter College which is part of Oxford University.  The town of Oxford is full of these mini colleges – Exeter, Trinity, Christ Church, Magadalen, to name a few.  Each college has their own beautiful courtyard, dorms, chapel, hall (dinning hall that is), and classrooms.  Some of the bigger colleges – like Christ Church and Magadalen – have fields and trails for people to enjoy.  Luckily, if you have an Oxford Student ID, it’s pretty easy to visit nearby colleges (most of the time for free)!

Here is a photo from my dorm window at Exeter College:

The Exeter College Chapel at Night:

Christ Church College is one of the largest colleges within Oxford University.  It is also one of the biggest tourist attractions because it has the famous dinning hall where the filming of Harry Potter took place.  I’ve been twice now, and both times the place has been crazy crowded – making it difficult to get a good photo of the Hall (sorry for you Potter fans out there!).  I really enjoyed the Christ Church field where you can get up close and personal with the wildlife:  i.e. cows and geese!

Christ Church Field:


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