United Kingdom: Day 9 – Day trip to Waddesdon Manor

While studying History & Politics at Oxford University may not sound like a “fun” and “relaxing” summer break for someone who spends her year teaching about history and politics, it has tons of benefits.  First off, I’m in England and not Florida.  I could just stop there, but it gets better!  Secondly, I get to meet all sorts of interesting people from places like Austria, France, Australia, Canada, Belarus, Switzerland, Belgium, and of course the UK.  Thirdly, did I mention I’m in England?  I get to venture off to really neat (and historical!) places on the weekends.  I took full advantage of my first weekend here at Oxford.  This past Saturday I went to Waddesdon Manor with a new friend from Belarus.  This place was a decent journey from the town of Oxford – it required a train to Aylesbury (2 hours and 3 changes) and a taxi from the train station to Waddesdon Manor.  I would say the travel was definitely worth the effort.  Waddesdon Manor is a 19th century home with French decor and about a billion rooms.  Apparently, this home was built to entertain the friends of the crazy rich banker family – the Rothschilds.  Inside, there is evidence of British Imperialism (with Chinese porcelain dinner plates and an Indian music box – elephants included) and the lavish lifestyle of the upper class during that time (massive paintings of every known family member).  The best part about Waddesdon Manor was the amazing view from the home.  Not only was the interior beautifully ornate, but the gardens and landscape were a site to see.  When I’m crazy rich (you know, from teaching), I think I’ll build a home just to entertain my family and friends.  Maybe somewhere in the English countryside with perfectly manicured lawns and a rose garden.  Yes, this is a totally realistic idea.

*Random side note: I have pictures by this LOVE sculpture in 4 different cities.  How many of these things exist in the world?  Philly, Sydney, NYC, and now Aylesbury.  Apparently I’m already on a quest to find out…


2 thoughts on “United Kingdom: Day 9 – Day trip to Waddesdon Manor

  1. Wow Stacey! If this teacher thing does not work out you should explore photography 🙂 You have taken some beautiful pictures!! Glad that you are having a good time. Let us know when you get this future house built and we will be right over!!!

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