United Kingdom: Day 7 – Rain, rain, go away!

I’ve officially been in the UK for a week and I would say 90% of my time spent here has been under an umbrella.  All the locals are saying that it is unseasonably cold and wet for the summer.  For example, today was in the lower 60s and of course, scattered showers.  The dreariness was about to push me to my edge until a random afternoon of sunshine this past week!  I have been habitually checking weather.com for the hourly forecast and found a few rays of sunshine one afternoon this week.  To top it all off, this gloriousness happened to fall during lunch and my afternoon break!  Win.  So, two other history teachers (one from Colorado and another from Florida – neither are used gray skies as well) and I grabbed our cameras, skipped the Oxford lunch and hit the town.  We took a grand tour of every college we were able to get into with our Oxford Student ID for free.  Here is the results from our adventure around Oxford while dodging rain drops.

The city streets of Oxford right before it started to rain again.  Please note the impending doom of the grey sky.  The clouds are about to open up once more…  Maybe it will stop soon?

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