United Kingdom: Day 1 – Airport Misadventures

My month abroad in the United Kingdom is about to begin, and it’s already off to an interesting start!  Last night, I managed to pack up all my stuff for the ENTIRE month of July in a small rolling bag (flight attendant size), backpack, and purse.  I seriously wanted to pat myself on the back for this accomplishment!  I am now able to travel all over the UK after my time at Oxford University without the hassle of a mega huge bag.  The only downside – no room for any souvenirs!  But don’t fret, I will be shipping stuff home to make more room!  I can’t live with new jewelry from a foreign country and more books for my classroom.

After the big victory of packing my bag, I thought everything would be smooth sailing on my travel day.  Little did I know that my flight out of Orlando would be delayed an hour… making my connection in Atlanta to London a pretty close call.  Currently, the airline is saying that I should make my connection with a few minutes to spare.  Here’s hoping!  The last time I was delayed out of my origin to a connection (this time to JFK), I missed my flight to Madrid.  We did end up catching a flight that same evening to Madrid, but on Iberia Airlines.  That was a Spanish experience in itself to say the least.  Other countries are not accustomed to the creature comforts us Americans are and it played out on the flight.  We did not have a tv in the seat in front of us, all the movies in the aisle were in Spanish (go figure, on a Spanish airline), and I woke up mid-flight to a baby in only her diaper patting my leg.  I know, welcome to the way the rest of the world lives #firstworldproblems.

Before we boarded the plane to Spain, the airline notify me that my bag was MIA and it probably wouldn’t make the journey with us across the Atlantic.  And, as predicted, my bag did not make the flight.  That’s when I truly learned the value of packing clothes and toiletries in your carry-on.  Unfortunately, it was a lesson learned through some trials.  Since I’ve never had a problem with bags in the past, I only packed a t-shirt for my change thinking I could just re-wear my jeans from the flight.  Here is the true problem: Spain in the middle of June is crazy hot.  Like Florida hot, like why in the world would you wear jeans to walk around Madrid hot?  The friend that I was traveling with was remotely close to the same size, so I was able to squeeze into some of her clothes over the next two days while waiting for my bag to arrive the second evening we were there.  Yep, that meant almost two full days in Spain and no luggage.   Travel tip: Always pack a FULL change of WEATHER appropriate clothes, toiletries, and whatever else you can’t live without in your carry-on.  Otherwise, you end up wearing shorts that are a size too small and Chacos with your friend’s dress (as seen below).  Well, it looks like my flight may make it out to Atlanta and therefore I should make my connection (along with my bag).  If not, I have a jacket, cardigan, and toiletries ready for the 60 degree weather in London!  🙂


2 thoughts on “United Kingdom: Day 1 – Airport Misadventures

    • Dane (you know I can see the email address you commented with my dear student), I’m studying the Contemporary Middle East and Warfare in the Modern World or as I like to call it – Modern Warfare. 🙂

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